Columbus Fire Dept. introduces new mascot Iggie

Columbus Fire Dept. introduces new mascot Iggie

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Columbus Fire Department has a new member on staff, but this guy is ready to fight fire on four legs!

Meet Iggie, the department's new mascot. Iggie is an accelerant detection dog, and he will be used to investigate the cause of fires in Columbus.

Firefighter David Smith will be in charge of handling and training Iggie. Smith and his canine companion have gone through extensive training in Virginia.

The dog will be taken care of by Double Churches Animal Clinic free of charge for all his general veterinary care.

"We can assure the he is able to perform at his best since he can be called at a moment's notice to fly across the country," said Dr. Willie, owner at Double Churches Animal Clinic. "He's in extreme conditions when he is working both physically and mentally."

"Kind of gives you an opportunity to see some places even though it's brief but you still get to get out. I'll be able to work with a lot of different people new people and learn a lot of things," Smith said.

There are only 46 dogs like Iggie in the United States, and two of them are in the state of Georgia.

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