STEVE TOMS MURDER TRIAL: Jury set to decide the fate of two men

STEVE TOMS MURDER TRIAL: Jury set to decide the fate of two men


Guilty or not guilty is what jurors will soon decide as both sides made their final statements in the murder trial for well-known businessman Steve Toms.

Both the prosecution and the defense recapped some highly debated evidence like music videos and surveillance video as they made a final attempt to sway the jury.

The prosecution re-showed the jury evidence that they believe proves defendant Michael Johnson was involved in the murder of Toms at the Gold and Silver jewelry store.

Both Johnson and co-defendant Dimitrius Gordon also face a slew of felony charges for what prosecutors believe was a string of armed robberies that followed the murder of Toms in 2011.

Charges include armed robbery, assault, and kidnapping.

Prosecutors got heated as they recounted witness testimony of victims held at gun point "treated like dogs."

The defense pointed out other suspects involved in the case. Those suspects have been a big talker for the defense through out the case.

Defense attorneys also reminded the jury of multiple witnesses they called who claim defendant Michael Johnson was with them during the times of multiple armed robberies.

The case will now be turned over to the jury and they will continue to deliberate on Monday until a decision is made.

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