Investigation continues of 2 shot in Eufaula; EPD releases statement

EUFAULA, AL (WTVM) - Two brothers were shot in Eufaula on Sunday afternoon, allegedly in an attempt to settle a dispute with the shooter, according to the Eufaula Police Department.

At 1:18 p.m. on Sunday, police responded to a shooting call at 16 Deerfield Drive in Eufaula. When they arrived to the location, a field at the corner of Deerfield Drive and North Eufaula Avenue, they found a 1993 Red Ford pick-up truck stopped a short distance from the location. Two apparent victims of gunshot wounds were with the vehicle.

Eufaula police chief Ralph Conner said the possible motive for the shooting was drug related.

"Right now the physical evidence is supporting that it may have involved drugs, we did recover drugs from the shooting scene, and a crime occurred not a self defense issue," Chief Conner said.

A brief standoff occurred where the suspect was contained but initially would not follow police instructions to surrender. Eufaula Fire Medical Units also responding were able to attend to the two shooting victims and transported them to Medical Center Barbour in Eufaula.

The victims are identified as brothers, Marvin Marshall, 49, and Michael Marshall, 50, both of Eufaula. Both victims are from Eufaula.

Marvin Marshall is now out of the hospital, but Michael Marshall died of his injuries.

Marvin tells News Leader 9 they went to the home to settle a $40 debt.

"Me and my brother were unarmed, we pulled away from the residence, he called us back pretending to pay a debt, he called us back to execute us," Marvin said.

Marvin added he plans on filing a civil suit with the city if Eufaula after  he says it took over an hour for EMS to respond.

"We sat in the field for over an hour and 10 minutes waiting for EMS response, that's where my brother bled out and died at," he said.

The suspected shooter is identified as 43-year-old Reginald Coley, who was found at his home located at 16 Deerfield Drive. 

Initial investigation of the shooting indicates that the two Marshall brothers had gone to Coley's house to resolve a dispute, and the shooting occurred as a result. After being shot, the brothers fled the residence with Michael Marshall driving the truck into the field where he stopped the vehicle and collapsed. 

The standoff with Coley lasted a short while but resolved peacefully with Coley surrendering to Police. For public safety during the standoff, the immediate area was contained by Eufaula Police, Barbour County Sheriff and the Barbour County District Attorney's Office. 

Coley is being charged with murder for the death of Michael Marshall and first-degree assault for the shooting of Marvin Marshall. The weapon used in the shooting appears to be a .40 caliber handgun.

Eufaula's Chief Police Officer made the following statement concerning Marshall and this shooting investigation:

"As Chief of the Eufaula Police Department, I have been made aware of the concern of Mr. Marvin Marshall regarding the timely response of emergency services for him and his brother Michael after they both were shot on Sunday, June 21. First, on behalf of all members of the police department, I would like to express our sympathy and prayers to the Marshall family for the loss of Michael. We also regret that Marvin was the victim of a gunshot and wish him a full recovery. Regarding the incident itself, Marvin Marshall was involved in a violent confrontation that ended in his serious injury and his brother's death. Upon hearing, via news reports, that he perceived a lengthy and undue delay in the provision of emergency services for him and his brother. I reviewed all dispatch records, and these records document a very rapid response and medical evacuation of the victims to the hospital. Mr. Marshall was certainly in a very traumatic incident. Such human experiences can cause the perception of time to be drastically skewed and I can only assume this was his experience. We continue to investigate the incident so that all facts support justice for the victims, the suspect and the community."

The investigation is still ongoing at this time.

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