KKK flyers placed in neighborhood mailboxes

(WTVM) - Police are investigating who dropped some KKK flyers at a neighborhood in Alabama.

The flyers popped up in yards and driveways in Lakeview Sunday morning. They were wrapped up in plastic bags that also had some candy in them.

One woman who found those flyers says they were really upsetting to read.

"I didn't even know that the KKK was alive and well. I certainly didn't know it was in our area. It disturbed me that they put tootsie rolls in here trying to appeal to children. I mean that's just pathetic, sick, disgusting," says Shannon Phillips who found the KKK flyers.

Local police say the community will not tolerate something like that. But investigators also say they don't have any leads yet about who may have dropped the flyers.

The FBI has been called to help with the investigation.

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