Pastors won't back down against Phenix City School Board

Pastors won't back down against Phenix City School Board


One local group of pastors continues to stand their ground as they accuse the Phenix City School Board of illegal hiring and closed door decision making.

A group of clergy announced Tuesday that they plan to appeal a decision made on a recent lawsuit they filed against the Phenix City Board of Education.

They say the board illegally appointed Superintendent Randy Wilkes, and it's something that they claim is affecting the whole city.

"A flood gate is being opened," said Dr. Isaac Hudson with the group.

Nearly one year ago, the group brought a lawsuit against the Phenix City School Board for allegedly violating state law during the hiring process of Superintendent Wilkes.

"It was not filed out of malice or hatred, but rather out of concern for our community and for our city," said Pastor Noble Williams.

The men claim that the school board failed to advertise the opening of the superintendent position, failed to properly advertise the meeting where Wilkes was announced as the new superintendent and violated state law by meeting with Wilkes one-on-one.

"If we're going to continue to just do what we want to do, and ignore our rules, what does that say to the greater community, what does that say to young people," said Dr. Hudson.

A judge denied the groups' request on May 12. Tuesday afternoon however, the men announced that they will appeal that decision.

They say the learning and educational process in Phenix City is at stake, and they say they have a moral obligation to see the lawsuit through.

"We are just going to keep pushing and hope that eventually justice will prevail," said attorney Joseph Wiley.

WTVM reached out to the Phenix City Board of Education and their latest attorney, however we were told that Mr. Wilkes was the only one that could speak about this issue, and he's unavailable for comment until later this week.
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