Georgia's state flag has Confederate similarities

Georgia's state flag has Confederate similarities

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - South Carolina legislators met Tuesday to discuss the removal of the Confederate flag from State Ground.

As a result, several other southern states are now re-evaluating their use of the confederate flag. Virginia and North Carolina are calling for the flag to be removed from their license plates. Mississippi and Alabama are filing to have it removed from state grounds.

The issue became urgent after several photos surfaced online of Dylan Roof, the South Carolina church shooter, posing with the confederate flag.

This issue is not just unique to South Carolina, but even the Georgia state flag incorporates some confederate symbolism.

Georgia's flag and the first national confederate flag adapted in 1861 both have three stripes and a circle of stars. However, it is the battlefield flag with an "X" that is widely recognized as the confederate flag, and it is identified as a symbol of racism.

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