Jury Not Able To Reach Verdict In Murder Trial

A deadlocked jury went home with no verdict Tuesday in Russell County.
They deliberated for six hours in the murder trial of Willie Dickerson.
Prosecutors say the split was about half and half.

Six jurors were dead set on guilty and the others allegedly felt the defendant Willie Dickerson was not guilty. The prosecution called more than ten witnesses to the stand for what they consider compelling evidence against Dickerson in the stabbing death of Willie Pugh in January 2012.
"It's disappointing because we tried this case for a guilty verdict and that's exactly what we were looking forward to today is getting a guilty verdict, "says Barbour County District Attorney, Ben Reeves.

The defense suggested his client was framed and asked the jury to use their common sense when things didn't add up. 

The case will be retried in Russell County.

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