Columbus City Council approves over $700,000 in crime prevention programs

Columbus City Council approves over $700,000 in crime prevention programs

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Funding for 20 crime prevention programs was approved at Tuesday night's city council meeting, totaling more than $700,000.

The programs, ranging in costs from $10,000 to $95,000, are aimed at youth development.

A majority of the programs were approved without discussion; however, the Boxwood Recreation Center raised some concern.

"I want you to take a look though and look to see if there is not something we can do to find some money to do this in some place other than crime and prevention," explained District 9 Councilor Judy Thomas.

Council members fully support the program that helps mentor young people, but believe the $30,000 could come from the Parks and Recreation budget, not crime prevention.

"Next time we do a budget for FY '17, that a real strong effort to find this $30,000 somewhere else," said Thomas.

City council also issued a proclamation declaring June 23, 2015 Scott's Ride for Miracles Day.

Scott Ressmeyer and the rest of the Miracles Riders, dressed in full riding gear, thanked the community for their support since they launched the program in 2009.

"It's truly a honor to travel with all these guys, but more importantly to be able to do something an make a difference in one child's life," explained Ressmeyer.

The Miracle Riders traveled 9,300 miles around the country this spring and raised more than $1.8 million for the Children's Miracle Network at Midtown Medical Center.

In other Council action, an Ordinance was approved providing the establishment of taxing districts. These Districts will allow the city to levy assessments and collect taxes for government services provided by Columbus.

The Council also passed an ordinance to fund Columbus schools which included a millage levy of over 23 mills on properties throughout the City.

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