Several Army posts named for Confederate generals

Several Army posts named for Confederate generals

(WTVM) - You'd be surprised at the number of Army posts named for Confederate generals.

Fort Benning is one of them. The Columbus Chamber of Commerce suggested the name when the new Army post opened in 1918. General Henry Benning fought under Robert E. Lee and is buried in Columbus.

General Braxton Bragg was a native of North Carolina. That's how his name ended up on the post outside Fayetteville, North Carolina, which is home to the 82nd Airborne and Special Forces.

Fort Hood, Texas got its name from General John Bell Hood, who also has a Columbus connection. When Bell and his wife died of yellow fever, a local couple adopted their youngest daughter. Sadly, she too passed away shortly thereafter.

Fort Gordon is located outside Augusta, and is named for Confederate General John Brown Gordon.

Georgia's other main post, Fort Stewart, is named for Daniel Stewart, a Revolutionary War general and great-grandfather of president Theodore Roosevelt.

The one exception to the Confederate rule in Georgia is Fort McPherson, in suburban Atlanta. It took its name from Union General James McPherson who was killed in the Battle of Atlanta, the only commander of a Union army to die in the field.

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