Dropouts in Muscogee County get second chance at success

Dropouts in Muscogee County get second chance at success

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  Catapult Academy of the Muscogee County School District is gearing up to accept applications for the 2015-2016 school year.

More than 75 dropouts in Muscogee County signed up for Catapult Academy in November 2014 and the district is elated that 80 percent of those students have received their high school diploma.

"We have a graduation that's scheduled during the end of the year, the same time as the other high school graduations. It was standing room only," stated Jimmy King, program director of Catapult.

Considering the program started late in the last quarter of 2014, program coordinator Reginald Griffin said the first year was a huge success. Enrollment is currently underway through Monday June 29. Griffin is hoping to fill the 86 available slots with qualified, eager applicants.

Classes are designed to meet the students needs and help them gain the necessary credits to obtain a diploma, not a GED.

"You need to turn the American dream into reality and it starts here. We have far too many students that cannot become a supervisor because they do not have a high school diploma or can't get into the military," explained Griffin.

The program is housed in the Edgewood Student Services Center at 3835 Forrest Road. Director of Communications Valerie Fuller says the program is not for everyone. 

Interested applicants can stop by Edgewood or call 1-855-500-3475. The following criteria is required: 

1. Muscogee County School District dropout. 
2. Age: 16-20 
3. Resident of Muscogee County 
4. Pass an interview 

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