Small changes can cause big electric bill savings

Small changes can cause big electric bill savings


With summer fun comes summer heat, and if you're a little too old to hit up the Columbus splash pad, you might be escaping summer rays by staying indoors.

However, officials from Georgia Power say electric bills can rise drastically in summer months.

Every degree you set your thermostat below 78 degrees, "drives your power bill to exponentially higher," said Robert Watkins with Georgia Power.

Watkins pointed out some things everyone should do to make sure their electric bill doesn't skyrocket like outdoor temperatures.

First thing is to seal your house. Look for daylight peeking through any doors or windows.

"You want to make sure that every penny you're paying for cooling the air, gets into the house," said Watkins.

Next, you're going to want to check your attic to make sure you have proper insulation, then check your duct work to make sure no leaks are redirecting the cool air you're paying for, Watkins explained.

Watkins also says you'll also want to get your AC unit serviced.

Habits that keep your house cooler at a lower cost include keeping blinds closed, using fans that experts say take only pennies to run for an hour and looking into a thermostat that will control temperatures.

However, if you're looking to go the extra mile for savings, our friends at the splash pad recommend getting out doors for a free cool off.

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