West Point Lake observation deck burned down

Authorities are looking for the person behind a random act of vandalism on West Point Lake.

An observation deck burned to the ground late Wednesday night, leaving no trace of who may have caused the fire. 

The Corps of Engineers partnered with Troup County Future Farmers of America to build the deck. 
Fire officials were called to the scene around eleven o'clock Wednesday night and when they got there the structure was completely engulfed in flames. 

 Park Ranger David Barr says the $2,000 deck is irreplaceable.
"You really can't place a value on the public's use of this facility. I posted this on Facebook this morning you know hundreds of people use this dock, every week. We have a mountain bike trail, a hiking trail and people like to come out here with their family and boy scout groups, lots of people like to come out here to west point lake and of course watch bald eagles and there very common in this area," Park Ranger David Barr added. 

Barr put a post on Facebook Thursday afternoon about the loss of the deck and hundreds of people have shared the post and many upset residents have also left comments.

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