Chuck's history lesson: The many faces of Michael Jackson

Chuck's history lesson: The many faces of Michael Jackson

Quick: Who knows where they were when word of Michael Jackson's death first surfaced? That's hard to say, because a lot of folks were skeptical at first.

If you remember, TMZ broke the story six years ago on June 25, which many people downplayed because of the sensationalist nature of that organization. I'm guessing Michael's fans also didn't want to believe that the King of Pop was actually dead.

But dead he was, confirmed seven minutes later by the Los Angeles Times, then picked up by the national news outlets. The singer was 50-years old, way too young for a musical genius to die.

The official cause of death was cardiac arrest, brought on by the combination of narcotics in his body, including the anesthetic, propofol, and the anti-anxiety medication, benzodiazepine. I'm guessing his fans didn't want to hear that news either.

Jackson's personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, would eventually be convicted of involuntary manslaughter and serve a two-year prison sentence.

As we reflect on his passing today, contemplate the many faces of Michael Jackson.

There's the nine-year old kid with the purple pimp hat performing with his brothers on The Ed Sullivan Show; the jheri-curled Michael in a red leather jacket taking on street gangs in the Beat It video; and the cool cat in the black fedora with a single white glove and matching socks, moonwalking his way through the Motown 25 celebration.

You may not have a high opinion of Jackson's personal life, but the guy knew how to entertain.

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