The no sale of Confederate flags has reached Columbus

The no sale of Confederate flags has reached Columbus

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Now that many national retailers are pulling several Confederate items in light of the South Carolina church massacre, many people will start to search for them in other places.

As stores halt the sales of the confederate flag within many southern states, some places in Columbus are following the same path.

"If we have some people that ask about the confederate flag, where it's available. I'll try to help them with that but were not going to actually sell them here," said Allen Woodall. of River Market Antiques.

Allen Woodall, owner of River Market Antiques, says because of the recent events in Charleston, SC it's better to not sell the flag at his business anytime soon.

"A lot of people are going to collect these confederate items as they are being taken out of A lot of stores. They will be A lot of people who will start collecting," explained Woodall.

Stores like Walmart, Sears, and Amazon announced they will stop selling confederate merchandise.

"Jeb Bush down in Florida, I think that was a great idea to put it in a museum because it does stand for heritage for a lot of people, all flags do. I think that was a great point on what they are doing," said Woodall.

Woodall has sold the flag in the past and believes it does have a place in American history.

"They have grown up in their ancestors, some may have been in the civil war. When we talk about flags, they're good and bad on both sides," added Woodall.

Woodall says he would go no further than showcasing the old Georgia flag displaying the stars and bars, which was removed in 2001.

News Leader 9 also reached out to Joey's Thrift Mall and Hunting and Hooking Outfitters in Columbus, both say they do not sell the confederate flag.

The controversy over the mass shooting has politicians and lawmakers making moves to distance their states from the confederate flag. Georgia Governor Nathan Deal is now calling for a new design for the Confederate license plate.

News Leader 9's Irisha Jones talked to a representative from the Muscogee County Tag office, who says they do not keep record of each specific tag issued.

Our calls to the state tax commissioner's office in Atlanta were not returned after several messages concerning how many confederate plates have been sold recently. But the website for the Sons of Confederate Veterans says about 3,500 confederate tags have been sold.

Governor Deal would like to eliminate the bigger visage of the flag that covers the background of the entire tag.

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