Ways to protect your home from lightning

Ways to protect your home from lightning

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Lightning strikes were the cause of a fire at Cougar Village Apartments Wednesday evening.

Last month, a Green Island home was destroyed from the same

thing. So

how can you protect your home from lightning damage?

The primary form of protection is to make sure your home owner's insurance or renter's insurance covers lightning damage.

Ritch Electric Company says lightning rods are also a good measure to protect your home from damage caused by lightning.

The rods must be installed properly and certified through the lightning protection agency.

What many do not understand, however, is how exactly lightning rods work. Darryl Adams of Ritch Electric explains "When the lightening hits the rods, it will take it through the cable all the way around to the nearest ground rod."

Hartford Insurance reports lightning is responsible for more than $5 billion in total insurance industry losses each year.

Fires and power surges are the most common damages caused by lightning.

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