Convicted killer Michael Johnson causes stir in court

Michael Johnson makes his voice heard in court (Censored)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Life behind bars, without parole, is the fate for one man convicted of murdering businessman Steve Toms.

"That was an Oscar-winning performance that you put on last week, I haven't seen anything like that on CSI or Law and Order SVU," said Michael Johnson, referring to closing arguments from prosecutor Jennifer Cooley earlier this month.

For the first time in a nearly month-long trial, convicted murderer Michael Johnson made his voice heard. Johnson was convicted earlier this month of murdering Steve Toms.

He stood trial with co-defendant Dimitrius Gordon, as both men faced charges for a string of armed robberies that followed the murder, although Johnson was the only one charged and convicted of slaying Toms.

Prosecutors pushed for the maximum penalties, and victims testified before the court on the hardships they endured.

"People who rob and kill others for their own personal gain such as you should be treated like a menace to society," said Toms' daughter who has previously taken the stand throughout the trail detailing the final moments she had with her father.

Other victims of armed robberies involved in the case described how they still have nightmares and other lingering effects of being held at gun point, something that Johnson and Gordon have shown no remorse for.

"From the bottom of my heart, with the utmost sincerity, I would like to say *expletive* all of y'all, give me my time, and send me back to my cell," Johnson said.

Prosecutor Jennifer Cooley said "he who shows no mercy, deserves no mercy."

Judge William Rumer sentenced Gordon to 20 years behind bars this afternoon, and Johnson got one last smile in before leaving the courtroom with his life without parole sentence.

Both Johnson and Gordon maintain their innocence and plan to appeal the jury's decision of guilty.

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