Same Sex Marriages in Alabama could be delayed

The Alabama Supreme Court is issuing an order that could delay same sex marriages in Alabama.

Despite the landmark decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, some counties are still not issuing licenses to same sex couples and a recent order by the state's highest court may add to the confusion.

The Alabama Supreme Court gave out an order centered on the effect of the same sex ruling; however, according to Justice Roy Moore, this order does force judges to issue or not issue licenses and leaving it up to the probate judges whether or not to obey the Supreme Court's ruling.

"I am confident that there will be probate judges in the state of Alabama that will disobey... They will not do that they will stand on their constitutional rights they will bring process more processes to the place and more courts into place and of course the judges are right,” says Chip Beeker Jr. with the Alabama Service Commission.

In a memo Monday, The Association of County Commissions of Alabama advised Alabama's probate judges to issue same sex marriage licenses.

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