New GA gas tax goes into effect July 1

New GA gas tax goes into effect July 1

(WTVM) - With Independence Day right around the corner, many people will hit the road to celebrate the holiday.

However, you may want to fill up your tank Tuesday because the Transportation Funding Act of 2015, Georgia's new gas tax, goes into effect Wednesday, July 1.

Currently the state's gas tax is tied to the cost of gas as it rises and falls based on the price per gallon. Get ready to pay more at the pump, though, because that will be replaced with a flat tax of 26 cents per gallon.

The goal of the new flat tax is to raise a billion dollars for transportation improvements in the state.

The measure will convert the current sales tax on gasoline to an excise tax, which would amount to an increase in the price for a gallon of gasoline. This means Georgia drivers could see a 7 cent spike in gas prices as early as July 1.

The auto club group AAA supports the new tax as it means more money will be allocated to transportation infrastructure improvements including much needed repairs on state roads and bridges.

The tax was passed by the Georgia General Assembly.

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