Local Initiative to end Homelessness

Home for Good and Columbus Regional Health hosted a community-wide stakeholder meeting on the Zero in 2016 Initiative.

The reason for this initiative is to end veterans and chronic homelessness across the country by the year 2016.

An "Action Team Meeting" was held Tuesday afternoon to discuss the initiative with the public.

The plan is to end all homelessness by housing 86 veterans by December 31st of 2015 and 89 persons experiencing chronic homelessness by December 31st of next year.
It's something the city of Columbus and Phenix City have vowed to do.

Since the launch of Zero 2016, 30 veterans have received housing.
"So we want to functionally end veteran's homelessness by the end of 2015 and we want to functionally end chronic homelessness by the end of 2016,"says Christie Bevis, Executive Director for Home for Good.

The event welcomed national representatives from the Zero 2016 Initiative to discuss the specifics of their plan to end homelessness.
Among the special guests were Columbus Mayor, Teresa Tomlinson and Regina King from the Corporation for Supportive Housing.

The Zero: 2016 Action Team will meet each Tuesday during the next four weeks in order to ensure they are on track to meet the 30-day housing goal.
During the 30-day action cycle, the community goal is to permanently house ten veterans and four, chronically homeless individuals between June 11th and July 11th, thereby reaching the monthly housing placement target.

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