New Georgia and Alabama laws effective July 1

New Georgia and Alabama laws effective July 1

(WTVM) - July 1 might not register as an important date for most people, but it is actually a very important day for residents of Georgia and Alabama.

Dozens of new laws will take effect in both states at midnight, dealing with subjects ranging from jobs and veteran employment, to taxi services.

In the state of Georgia, a new electric vehicle law will take away a $5,000 tax credit, once given out to people who purchased the Nissan Leaf, an electric car that never needs an oil change, never needs gas and doesn't give off exhausts.

Additionally, alternative fuel vehicles will now be charged a $200 registration fee.

New laws affecting companies like Uber and Lyft in the state of Georgia will now require background checks and up to $1 million in insurance coverage. Changes to Georgia state alcohol and firework laws will also go into effect Wednesday.

The Alabama Jobs Act and the Alabama Veterans and targeted Counties Act will both offer incentives to businesses that create new jobs.

Finally, House Bill 28 will modify the punishment for convictions involving a church or other religious building, making penalties more severe. The restitution associated with these crimes will be repaid before court costs or other fines. 

Click here to see this year's laws from the Alabama Legislature.

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