Georgia gears up for aerial fireworks

Georgia gears up for aerial fireworks

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Georgia skies might get a little brighter this 4th of July weekend, as the new fireworks law takes effect on Wednesday.

You can find sparklers and other ground-based devices at pop-up tents around Columbus, but the new Georgia law requires aerial explosives to be sold indoors, in a facility with a sprinkler system.

It was a busy day at the Fireworks Outlet in Seale, Alabama.

Wanda Lamb, also known as the Bang Bang lady from her popular commercials, says new legislation across the river is not slowing down the pace of shoppers here.

"It's had no effect on our business what so ever," said Lamb.

While some fireworks are no stranger to the Peach State, ones that shoot into the air and explode are illegal, but not for long.

Wednesday marks the first official day of aerial fireworks sales in Georgia, something that local firefighters say should be approached with caution.

"People like to put on a good show, and they want to light a bunch of them at the same time, that's when you get injuries starting to happen," said Deputy Chief Greg Lang.

While some labeling like "flammable" sticks out, officials say its important to read all of the instructions on the packing to avoid misuse.

That way the firework goes Bang, Bang without any boo-boos.

"Always remember safety and caution. Read your labels, don't ever buy fireworks from people that aren't legit," said Lamb.

Other safety tips officials recommend are staying 10 to 15 feet away from fireworks once they are lit. They also recommend to only light one at a time, be sure an adult is setting the device on fire and have a nearby hose in case something goes wrong.

If you do get injured beyond a first degree burn, seek help immediately.

"Second, third degree burns, you need to get to an emergency room you know, so I wouldn't play doctor there on the scene as a parent," said Lang.

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