Traffic Fatalities on Georgia Highways

Traffic fatalities are on the rise according to the Georgia Department of Transportation, and with a big travel weekend coming up, troopers are hoping to save lives.

Officials in both Georgia and Alabama expect a lot of travelers to hit the road this weekend and with some troubling statistics, it's important to be extra cautious behind the wheel.       
Alabama troopers responded to 237 crashes that resulted in 10 fatalities over the 2014 Fourth of July holiday weekend.

Georgia State Patrol investigated 414 crashes that resulted in 250 injuries and 5 fatalities during the same period, which is why officials are planning increased crack downs on DUI's and added checkpoints.
Officers encourage everyone to wear a seat belt and avoid distractions like texting and cell phone use to ensure their holiday travels bring them back home safe and sound.      

The latest numbers from the Georgia D-O-T show that fatalities have increased from 538 last year by this time, to 620 from January to the end of June 2015 showing the importance of being vigilant on the road not just this weekend, but always.
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