WTVM Editorial 7/3/15: The WTVM Fan Club

WTVM Editorial 7/3/15: The WTVM Fan Club

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - As summer heats up, the need to help those less fortunate keep cool is bigger than ever.

That's why again this year, WTVM is leading the effort to collect fans for the needy with our "Fan Club" partner Kia AutoSport on Whittlesey Boulevard.

You can bring your donated fans to Kia where the Valley Rescue Mission will collect them and distribute the fans across the community.

Heat kills more people than hurricanes or tornadoes.

The elderly can experience heat related illness if they have circulatory problems.

At the other end of the spectrum, small children can suffer from heat because they have a slower sweat response than adults and their hearts must work harder to cool their bodies.

Already this summer, 67 people have died due to the heat on the east coast alone. That's why fans are so important for our neighbors who can't afford air conditioning.

Floor fans can improve air circulation and when a box fan can be placed in an open window at night, the result can be vastly more comfortable temperatures.

So we urge you to join us and donate a fan or two to the WTVM Fan Club by dropping them off at Kia AutoSport.

It will be like Christmas in July for those who receive a fan and the refreshing breeze of fast moving air.
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