WTVM Editorial 7/3/15: Walmart rampaged by teens

WTVM Editorial 7/3/15: Walmart rampaged by teens

MACON, GA (WTVM) - When most of us shop at Walmart, we can count on a fairly routine shopping experience in familiar, safe surroundings.

But shoppers at a Macon Walmart were shocked a weekend ago when a rowdy crowd of teenagers ran through the store, tearing displays down, destroying merchandise and even pulling a disabled shopper from a motorized cart and throwing him to the ground.

Surveillance video showed the rampage was led by a teenager who later told a Walmart employee it was all planned and that they wanted to see how much damage they could do, and they did plenty.

It's an amazing display of the power of group-think - someone comes up with an idea and despite the ability of others to see that it's wrong, the mob rules.

If police can identify them, they'll face serious charges. It's yet another example of how easily some teenagers can be led to make bad choices unless parents insist they not only learn personal responsibility, but practice it.
A fitting punishment would be community service that requires hard physical labor, like picking up trash or repairing the house of a needy family.
The mob certainly proved they have the energy - the authorities in Macon should make them use it for something worthwhile.


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