Backyard safety: pools, pets, and grill

Backyard safety: pools, pets and grill

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - While many people are hitting the roads for the holiday, a lot of families are staying home and celebrating the Fourth of July by the pool or grill.

However, a couple of safety concerns can be lurking in our own backyard while having fun this weekend.

People need to keep pets, pool, and grill safety on their minds.

Officials from the National Fire Protection Association recommend keeping grills clean so grease or fat doesn't build up, creating a possibly dangerous fire hazard.

While there can be lots of fun going on, it's important to keep children and pets away once you get your grill hot, and always remember, don't leave it unattended.

Also, if your grill uses a propane tank, officials recommend checking the hose for leaks.

While you cook on Independence Day, you're going to want to keep your furry friends away from the grill and the food that comes off of it.

"Rib bones, pork bones, chicken bones, no bones like that. They can get hung up in their throat, they can cause GI problems in the stomach," said Doctor Hank Hall at the Northside Animal Hospital.

Dr. Hall also says don't over-feed your dog with cookout leftovers.

He recommends keeping your pets cool if they are joining in on outdoor fun by filling water bowls and setting up a kiddy pool for them to play in.

If you're whipping out the fireworks, it's best to keep the dogs and cats inside to prevent them from running away or hurting themselves.

"Sparklers they are some of the worst, they go up and lick it, a hot sparkler or an old firecracker that goes off," said Hall.

If your kids plan on swimming this weekend, health officials recommend having an adult designated to watch at all times. The CDC reports that children ages one to four have the highest drowning rate, and it only takes a few minutes for disaster to strike.

"Even experienced swimmers, kids who are good swimmers, can still have a water emergency," said Pamela Fair with Columbus Safe Kids in a May 2015 interview.

Remember if you are grilling or using fireworks, you're going to want to do those activities away from your home, overhanging branches, and anything else you don't want to catch on fire.

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