Most Wanted: Reno Fannin's murder

Most Wanted: Reno Fannin's murder

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Columbus Police continue to search for the person or persons responsible for the fatal shooting of a man that happened on June 7.

With no leads, investigators are reaching out to the community for help solving this crime.

Neighbors were in shock over the news that 36-year old Reno Fannin was shot to death inside a home on 23rd Avenue and Cusseta Road.

After a month of searching for the person responsible, police are now turning to the public for help.

"The Columbus Police Department Robbery Assault and Homicide Units responded to the scene, investigated and are now requesting assistance in finding the murderer," said Officer Paul Moody.

According to Moody, Fannin was shot in the chest and taken to Midtown Medical Center where we was later pronounced dead.

At this point police have no motive as to why Fannin was fatally shot but they want whoever is responsible to be brought to justice.

For investigators, this is a case that has been hard to solve but with your help this tragic situation can be concluded.

"It's very important that we receives assistance from the community and have them call in and give us anything that they may know," Moody said.

Any small details may be what police need to make an arrest.

If you know anything about the murder of Reno Fannin you are asked to call Columbus Police at (706) 653-3400, or you can send your tip by email by going to

Remember, a reward of up to $1,000 will be offered for information that will lead to an arrest.

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