Town hall meeting held to discuss Blackmon Rd. Walmart

Town hall meeting held to discuss Blackmon Rd. Walmart

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A local developer held a meeting with residents to discuss rezoning amid debate over a new Walmart on Blackmon Road, which has come under fire.

The meeting was held Wednesday evening at the Georgia Military College where Ben Billings discussed rezoning for Billings and Warm Springs Road from a commercial zone to a residential zone.

This as construction on a new Walmart on Blackmon Road is underway, sparking debate among residents, some who are concerned about increased traffic.

We talked to both sides of the debate.

"Out of courtesy to our neighbors, sharing with them what our plans are, it's kind of frightening the unknown of not knowing what to expect, so we're just trying to share with them that we are zoning back from commercial to single family residential," said developer Ben Billings.

"I kind of wish they would have attracted some other different type of business to this area, do we really need another Walmart?" asked Chad Peacock, who is opposed to the Walmart. "I don't think so."

Despite the focus on Walmart, Billings says there are also plans for ten to twelve other stores in this new development area.

A Facebook group called "Say No to Wal-Mart on Blackmon Road" has gotten more than 300 likes.

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