WTVM Editorial 7/10/15: Military Waste

WTVM Editorial 7/10/15: Military Waste

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – Stories about the government wasting money quickly become legendary.

Remember the $400 hammers and $600 toilet seats the Pentagon bought? Even if those examples are just exaggerations or accounting tricks the Pentagon uses to justify cost overruns, it proves what taxpayers already know - the government truly excels at one thing: wasting money.

So we shouldn't be surprised to learn from the Defense Secretary that the Pentagon spent $500 million to train just 60 Syrian soldiers to fight the Islamic State terrorists.

That ought to anger us, especially when we learn of such waste at a time when the military, including Fort Benning, faces more troop cuts here at home.

The goal of the Syrian training program was to instruct and prepare five-thousand local fighters to take on ISIS - that goal remains elusive. During Senate hearings on the Syrian training program, Senator John McCain told Defense Secretary Ash Carter that spending $500 million in taxpayer money to train each of the 60 fighters was "unimpressive."

That's an understatement!

Let's do the math - it cost taxpayers $8,333,000 to train each of those 60 soldiers. That is simply shocking and demoralizing.

If the government had to manage money like normal business owners, we could eliminate more than enough waste to keep all the Fort Benning troops on the job and keep our local economy humming.


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