Proposed Military Cuts Affecting local area

At a time when national security is a high priority because of militant groups like ISIS, the Army has announced its cutting 40,000 soldiers by 2018.
The Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce is working in partnership with The Columbus Chattahoochee Coalition, The Fort Benning Partnership, and the Bi-State Region’s Elected Leadership, to defend Fort Benning.

The president of the Chamber says they have put together an entire media campaign to support congress in fighting this decision. They are calling on people in our area to show their opposition to these military cuts by logging online to and signing the petition. "Sign the petition so that our elected officials know that we've got their back in fighting for Fort Benning but more importantly just fighting for our nation. With sequestration, we all understand the fiscal situation of our nation but cutting our Military and our full defense of our nation may not be the best approach given that we are not as secure as people think we are," says Brian Anderson, President of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce.

Anderson says the local economy may take a two- to- three million dollar dive because of the Army drawbacks.
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