Who remembers "Head To Head"?

Who remembers "Head To Head"?

I met a woman at a child's birthday party over the weekend who had been a contestant on the old "Head To Head" program. For the uninformed, "Head To Head" was a high school quiz show that aired on WTVM from 1980-1993.

It featured students from 24 area high schools, competing in a weekly, single-elimination format, for the right to say they were best in the region. The championship was decided each year in May, right around the time school let out for summer.

Laura, the friend from the birthday party, is not the first person to mention the show and probably won't be the last. As we chatted, I learned she's still a couple of years away from 40, as are the Gen Xers who appeared on another WTVM program, "Rockin' Uptown."

I can't recall any "Head to Head" clips showing up on the internet, but that's not the case with the other show. If you don't believe me, check out these YouTube links here and here.

Talk about funny hair. I actually had hair back then, but the styles that grab your attention are those worn by the teens of 1987. The clothes are funny too.

"Rockin' Uptown" was recorded at the old Bradley Theater on Broadway in Columbus.  It was known at the time as the Bradley Teen Center. Ask your 40-year old friends if they remember it.

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