Troup Co. soldier surprises brother at football practice

Troup Co. soldier surprises brother at football practice

TROUP COUNTY, GA (WTVM) - A Troup County football player got the surprise of a lifetime when his older brother, who has been deployed overseas, showed up in an unexpected place.

News Leader 9 was there for the big reunion at a competition drill on Monday.

For 15-year-old sophomore Quentin Kersey, Monday's football practice at Troup County High School was like no other.

A plan hashed-up by Troup County High School coaches turned Monday's football practice into an instant family reunion.

Quentin's older brother Petty Officer, First Class Robert Kersey Jr. suited up in the number 10 jersey.

Robert, who's been deployed overseas for the last few years, hasn't seen his younger brother Quentin in exactly two years and a month.

But all that changed Monday afternoon.

"He was surprised when he actually saw my face," Robert said. "I grabbed him by the face mask to look at him and he looked at me kinda confused and I took off my helmet and his jaw dropped and he was just amazed."

It was an amazement the entire football team was happy to be a part of.

"This has overwhelmed me," said Robert's stepmom Tara. "I am so glad that he is here, that he is safe."

While Quentin doesn't plan to enter into the military like his older brother, he does plan to follow in his footsteps in other ways.

"He was the state champion in state wrestling in Texas and I'm trying to follow in his steps to be a state champion in Georgia," Quentin said.

For now, these high achievers will only concentrate on spending time together.

We're told Troup County Head Football Coach Tanner Glisson is behind the surprise, along with the coaching staff there.

Meanwhile, Robert is not expected to return overseas until December 2015.

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