Petition to stop sequestration

A push to "stop" the Department of Defense's plan to cut thousands of military jobs including some 34-hundred soldiers on Fort Benning brought out dozens of people Monday.

The Mayors of Columbus and Phenix gathered with the President of TSYS and the Chamber of Commerce, along with other community leaders. Everyone united were under the common goal to stop sequestration.   

Gary Jones, Vice President of military affairs for the Chamber, says the goal of the petition is to get 25,000 signatures by the end of the summer to present to Congress. He says if we're going to make a difference, we all must get involved. "It’s going to take a tremendous outcry of displeasure from both the Alabama and the Georgia residents to go forward to its elected officials and say this is not acceptable. During a time in our world that we see the threat increasing everyday… we see the army getting smaller," says Gary Jones, Vice President of Military Affairs.

So far, the petition has about 400 signatures. With this round of military cuts, Fort Benning is being hit the hardest losing 3400. Fort Hood, Texas follows right behind losing more than 3300.

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