Auburn firefighter donates marrow to stranger

Auburn firefighter donates marrow to stranger

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - A firefighter from East Alabama answered a very different type of emergency call recently when he attempted to save a life of a complete stranger.

Auburn firefighter Stephen Bradford, 23, traveled to Washington D.C. two weeks ago and donated bone marrow to a 39-year-old man battling leukemia who he's never met.

The marrow, a perfect match, was the man's only hope. The odds of finding a perfect marrow match can be as low as one in 11 million. Bradford says that marrow donation doesn't require a major sacrifice, physical or time-wise, from the donor.

"It's something I heard about through news articles register as a bone marrow donor. I was very happy to do it. I gave up two weeks…that was it," Auburn firefighter Stephen Bradford.

Bradford has already started working out again as part of his daily regiment. He will know in about 2 weeks whether his marrow saved the man's life.

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