Beallwood murals repainted after vandalism

Beallwood murals repainted after vandalism

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A group of teens on a mission to enhance the community hit a roadblock after vandals attempted to destroy their artwork.

The mural was painted Monday and just hours later it was defaced.

However, the determined group says it's about blessing the community and their gift of inspiration is here to stay!

The group of almost 100 teens from Illinois, Florida, and Michigan are on a mission trip to beautify the community. The vibrant murals can be found on the public bathroom at Charlie Hill Park and the community Center across the street in Beallwood.

"Very colorful and all of the characters represented are somewhat of a silhouette, they're all different bright colors, and so it really doesn't represent any particular ethnicity, it's not got any racial undertones at all but it's for all people of all shades and all colors," said Brent Alexander, a professional artist and the Teen Effort group leader for the trip.

Alexander said it's an opportunity to bring change, inspiration and a positive transition as well as opportunity for growth in the community.

He added the murals represent families, with the hope that people in the community can identify with the the theme of Peace, Love, and Joy.

"And so because it was vandalized, we were able to have the time to repair it again so we spent all day today and repaired it," Alexander said. "It looks just like it did when we finished it and we're hoping we don't have any vandalism tonight."

Neighborworks Columbus told News Leader 9 they have contacted the Mayor's Office as well as the Columbus Police Department to help with extra patrols in the area.

The team will get the chance to go ziplining and white water rafting on the Chattahoochee River on Friday.

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