Quarterly 'Connect with Kia' meeting kicks off

Quarterly 'Connect with Kia' meeting kicks off

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Residents gathered Wednesday night in Columbus for a series of town hall meetings, aimed at educating former students on how they can get their high school diploma.

"Connect with Kia" kicked off July 15 in the Synovus Room at the Columbus Public Library. It's a meeting launched by Columbus School Board Representative Kia Chambers.

Families learned more about Georgia state legislation HB91, a bill doing away with the Georgia High School Graduation Test, giving former students unable to graduate because of failing the test and a chance to get their high school diplomas.

"Oh, I think this is an exciting time in education," Chambers said. "This is a piece of legislation that will help our students and it also tells you how important education is for the future."

Families also learned the procedures for former students to petition for a high school diploma.

The meetings are planned to take place on a quarterly schedule.

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