Planned Parenthood video raises concern about abortion practices from civic group

Planned Parenthood video raises concern about abortion practices from civic group

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A secretly recorded video surfaced Tuesday, alleging the national non-profit Planned Parenthood sells the organs of aborted fetuses.

A group in Columbus are reacting to the video that has been circulating all over social media and in the news.

Chattahoochee Valley United for Life and Georgia Right to Life calls the video shocking.

This YouTube video released by an anti-abortion group shows a Planned Parenthood official discussing the sale of body parts from aborted fetuses has caught the attention of many, including the Chattahoochee Valley United for Life in Columbus.

"It is shocking, it is totally shocking that they would stoop to go so far," said Julie Greco, President of Chattahoochee Valley United for Life.

In the undercover video, officials claims they can harvest intact hearts, livers and lungs by crushing other body parts for monetary gain.

"It's so cold-hearted, you just can't believe someone could be so murderous, but since they've made business out of killing babies, that they no longer see the baby as a real person and of course, it is a real person," said Greco.

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal is calling for an in-state investigation of the Planned Parenthood's to find out if those practices are true in Georgia. Selling human body parts is a federal crime.

"I hope it changes many people mind's because every child has a right to live," Greco added.

Planned Parenthood released a video statement on their website, insisting those allegations are false and women have the right to donate tissue for scientific research.

They also say there is not financial benefit.

Groups like Georgia's Right to Life and Chattahoochee United Valley for Life are monitoring the outcome.

"They think it's a good thing that this video has been made, because they have been caught red-handed we want to save the babies," said Greco.

There are no Planned Parenthood locations in Columbus.

Several officials in congress including House Speaker John Boehner are also looking into the Planned Parenthood video.

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