Local gun range under fire

There have been accusations of racism recently at Shooters in Columbus.
The complaint by someone on social media was Shooters on Milgen Road was using mostly or only targets depicting an African-American teenager.

After investigating the complaint Fox 54 found out that it was not true.
The manager there showed us all 9 targets they used, all of the subjects on those being white except for one.

Shooters have been getting a lot of attention, after the viral Facebook post.
"We've gotten calls from like I said all over the world. Some of the people were being polite, they were just trying to find the situation out, once we explained to them how our range was ran, they're very pleasant and say thank you, we've had people who called in and threaten our lives, we had people make posts on different websites saying that the business needs blown out, blown up and needs to be put out of business," says Nicole a Manager at Shooters.

Shooters also tell us they've had death threats and people threatening to protest their business. The manager wanted to squash the rumors, also saying their varieties of targets are the same ones police use.

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