WTVM Editorial 7/17/15: Shootings and unarmed soldiers

WTVM Editorial 7/17/15: Shootings and unarmed soldiers

(WTVM) - We hear about them more and more – "Lone Wolf" attacks, this time at two military locations in Chattanooga, Tenn. Four Marines were killed.

Just like the shootings at Fort Hood Texas and the Washington Naval Shipyard, the soldier victims were sitting ducks, not allowed to bear arms.

Sources say the shooter was 24-year-old Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, who was born in Kuwait and came to the United States in 1996.

When he opened fire from his car on a recruiting station in Chattanooga – with a "gun free zone" decal on the door - the victims had no way to defend themselves.

When the shooter drove to a nearby training facility and repeated the heinous act moments later, again the good guys, the soldiers, had no guns.

That's what happened at Fort Hood when Major Nidal Hassan opened fire killing 13 and severely wounding 30 more soldiers.

Not one had a weapon.

On U.S. bases in Afghanistan, the military designates "guardian angel" soldiers: armed and ready to respond to insider attacks.

We need to provide military targets here with the same level of security. It's long past time for our best and bravest, our soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen to be protected – at the least by a "guardian angel" soldier, equipped to fire back if needed to deter or prevent an attack.

By now, sadly, we know the drill. We know unarmed servicemen and women are the favored targets of these cowardly lone wolf terrorists.

The lone wolf is heavily armed and we've taught them that our highly capable and brave military members are easy targets.

It's time to arm a "guardian angel" soldier at each and give them a fighting chance at home like they have on bases and battlefields far away.

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