Back to school supply giveaways in the Valley

Back to school supply giveaways in the Valley

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Around $68 billion are expected to go flying from parents' pockets across the country, as families shop for back to school supplies.

Getting ready for the first day of school can be exciting. Whether you're starting pre-k or your senior year of high school, being ready to tackle the alphabet or pre-calculus requires tools.

This is why organizations in Columbus are gearing up to help families with costly school supplies.

"We're giving away free school supplies to the kids here in the community, also providing free resources, fun activities," said Lauren Chambers with Amerigroup.

Amerigroup partnered with the 4th street Missionary Baptist Church on Saturday to donate supplies like pencils, notebooks and book bags to 300 children

"As a parent, you want to make sure that your kid has what they need," said Pastor Johnny Flakes III.

The National Retail Federation estimates that consumers will spend less than last year on back to school items, down to 68 from 75 billion dollars.

However, that still averages more than $200 per child that parents across the country will dish out.

With steep price tags like that, local organizations hope to shield families' pocket books from some of the blows.

"We're praying that it will have an impact economically, where parents who may not have been able to afford the kind of resources or supplies to make sure that their kids are equipped when they go back to school, that now they have a place that they can come," said Flakes.

Amerigroup plans on hosting another supply give away on July 27th at the Chik-fil-A on Wyntonn Road.

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