Community rallies around East Alabama infant needing heart transplant

Community rallies around East Alabama infant needing heart transplant

OPELIKA, AL (WTVM) - An East Alabama community is showering a teacher and her young family in support and prayers as their infant son becomes one of the youngest children in the world to undergo the rare Berlin Heart Procedure at Children's Hospital of Alabama in Birmingham.

The story begins on June 30 when Davis Boswell was born at East Alabama Medical Center. He had a few respiratory issues when he was born, but doctors cleared him. Davis was sent home with his grateful parents Tucker and Amanda Boswell.   

However soon after he was home Davis spiked a fever, then stopped eating. Soon the infant was in heart failure and airlifted to Children's Hospital in Birmingham.

"It's been a roller coaster ride, lots of ups and downs but we are getting through it day by day, lots of prayers. I feel like I have a direct line with God," Amanda Boswell told News Leader 9 over the phone.

At 19 days old Davis became one of the youngest babies to undergo the rare Berlin Heart Procedure.

"He is still in critical condition, but he is making progress everyday to get to our ultimate goal which is a heart transplant," his mom said.

Doctors diagnosed Davis with Enterovirus. The illness attacked his heart, and compromised his left ventricle that pumps blood to his body. The Berlin Heart works with Davis's heart to pump blood.  It's a temporary fix; most children use the device for 58 days until a donor heart is found.

"Once we get off the ventilator we could be put on the transplant list, that is our ultimate goal because Davis will not survive without a heart transplant," Boswell said.

Amanda, a third grade teacher at Morris Avenue in Opelika and her husband, who works with UPS, are driving back and forth from Birmingham and Auburn, caring for Davis and their other son, 2-year-old Hudson.  A GoFundMe account has been set up help the young family out financially as they focus on baby Davis and their quest to get him a new heart.

"There are no words really, to express how thankful we are," said Amanda. 

The family hopes doctors can close Davis's chest Tuesday or Wednesday, then begin weaning him off the ventilator, get him on the transplant list and then start reducing his medications.

At less than a month old Davis has already been through more medically, than most of us will see in a lifetime. Amanda believes prayers are seeing them through. and donations.
You can help the Boswell family out by visiting their GoFundMe page and making a donation.  

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