This Week's Most Wanted: Otis Porch

This Week's Most Wanted: Otis Porch

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A wanted sex offender is on the loose and Muscogee County Sheriff officials need your help locating him.

Otis Porch, 51, is wanted for failing to register as a sex offender. Originally arrested for rape, kidnapping and two counts of sodomy, Porch is someone police want off the streets.

"We have a tendency to put red flags up," said Deputy Jeffrey Hackey with the Muscogee County Sheriff's Office. "We try to find them, do everything we can. Investigate the last known acquaintances, hangout places. Try to make contact with them. Once we make contact with them there's no asking questions like why haven't you come in and checked with us. We'll ask that question, but they'll be in bracelets in the back of the car on their way back to the county until they see a judge."

While there is no last known address on file for Porch, police haven't stopped searching the city for him.

"They are required by law that we are to know where they live at all times," Hackey said. "When we go to check on them and they are not there, or if we go to check on them and they are making it seem that they happen to be at that residence that day but we can determine they don't live there and that's a violation of their probation and they go back to jail and answer to a judge that originally ordered that in the first place."

Porch stands six feet tall and weighs approximately 245 pounds. He is considered dangerous and police warn you not to approach him if you see him.

So look at his face carefully and help police take this dangerous criminal off the streets.

If you know where Otis Porch may be hiding out Muscogee County Sheriff officials would like to hear from you.

Give them a call at (706) 653-3400 and remember, the smallest details may be what police need to make an arrest.

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