What you need to know if you get pulled over

What you need to know if you get pulled over

(WTVM) - Do you know what rights you have and what authority an officer has when you get pulled over?

With most everything in life, each situation is different. However, Alabama attorney Brett Turnbill says there are some things you need to know.

For starters, you are required to roll down the window to give the officer access.

On the flip side, that law enforcement agent has a responsibility as well. Turnill says the officer has to give probable cause for their actions.

"Customarily, you need to follow the commands of the officer at the time that all of this is taking place," Turnbill said. "The worst case scenario is that you follow those commands and you make your own complaint later that he did not follow his duties correctly. Follow his rules."

Also, it may seem like common sense but don't make any threats to the officer.

For additional information on what to do versus what not to do when being pulled over, visit this link.

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