More reaction on Houser's former house of horrors

More reaction on Houser's former house of horrors

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - Sprayed with feces and flammable liquids, Phenix City homeowners and former family friends of John Russell "Rusty" Houser describe unsanitary and dangerous conditions of his former house that they now own.

FBI investigators were called to this home early Friday morning, as new information surfaced about the alleged shooter who formerly lived there.

"He could have came back to Columbus and done the same thing to me and my family, I'm just glad he didn't," said current homeowner Norman Bone.

Members of the Bone family tell us they bought this house last February from Wells Fargo after the bank foreclosed it.

They say they were family friends with Houser up until they saw some disturbing changes in his behavior.

"His mother was my 4th grade teacher, very nice respected woman, they were a nice couple from church, he even preached one Sunday in matter of fact," said Beth Bone and her father Norman. 

They say Houser vandalized his house before vacating it, and explain there was cement poured down the drain, gas and other flammables placed in and around the fireplace, paint spewed about the house along with feces and dead fish.

"He had gas cans everywhere, he had  chemicals, and he had magnesium on a down draft stove, for it to catch fire and burn out the thing, he epoxied all of the breakers shut and the panel door,  then I ran outside because the stove did catch on fire," said Daniel Ramsel, moving into the home with Beth Bone.
The vandalism and destruction of this home more than a year ago may show Houser's unstable mental state; sentiments echoed by those forced to deal with the mess.

The homeowner's wife Pat tell us Houser was a deep dark, very troubled soul.

The homeowners tell us they have not yet moved in, again they have owned the residence since February 2014 and say they spent significant time cleaning it up.

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