PHOTO: Couple helps large bird untangle from fishing line

PHOTO: Couple helps large bird untangle from fishing line

(WTVM) – An unnamed couple are being heralded as heroes on social media in Columbus after a photo was snapped of them helping a bird untangle itself from fishing line near the Chattahoochee River on Sunday.

A post on Facebook says a couple on a family outing stopped to help save the large water fowl.

"The bird wasn't flying away when me and my dog approached it, which was suspicious but it wasn't until the couple and their four kids and dog came around that we saw his legs were tangled in fishing line," the post written by Mary B. Jammin said. "The guy went over to the fishermen nearby and borrowed a knife.

"Together, he and the woman grabbed the huge bird, she mostly held it while he cut the line. It was only then did they find the huge hook in his wing. Even though the bird screamed while the hook was removed, the bird actually flew away when she let him go.

The photo, originally shared in a community Facebook group, has gotten several hundred likes.

It is unknown who the couple is – except for two people who wanted to help this bird take flight again.

"It was a beautiful sight," the post says at the end. "If it was you, you saved that bird's life and showed your kids, as well as mine, what good things humanity can do to repair what [the] bad can do."

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