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Former Columbus Mayor Bobby Peters discusses background of LA theater shooter


As we remember the victims of last Thursday’s theater shooting, we continue digging into the past of the shooter who had roots in our area.

A Columbus politician turned judge is now speaking out about John Houser, also known as "Rusty."

Former Mayor Bobby Peters says the gunman had some erratic behaviors, but no signs that pointed to a mass shooting.

Peters remembers Houser very vividly as an outspoken person.

"He would go on talk shows, he would call in and he'd come to council which was televised and he ran for office and would come to public forums giving comments,” Peters said. “He wanted to project that he was the watchdog of government."

Peters says Houser wanted to look after the taxpayers’ money. 

"He wanted to be so much more, he wanted to be relevant in the community,” Peters said. “He wanted to be recognized in a positive way. But it seemed like everything he tried to do spiraled in a different direction and created a lot of failures for him."

Peters says he was shocked by the Thursday night shooting and is saddened for the families.

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