Presentation Against Sequestration

Keeping Fort Benning Strong and the negative impact of sequestration was one of the main items on Tuesday night's Columbus city council agenda.

Gary Jones with the Columbus Chamber of Commerce presented to the Council Tuesday how sequestration will hurt the Valley area.
The U.S. Army announced that by 2018 it will down size by 40,000 troops, including 3,400 at Fort Benning.

The Chamber of Commerce predicts the impact of the latest Army cuts to the local economy will be two to three million dollars.
Jones says if there is one thing we can stop it's sequestration by signing a petition on

He is asking for 25,000 signatures by the end of summer to present to Congress.
Also at Tuesday night's meeting, former CSU basketball coach Herbert Greene and James Spencer a banker and CSU supporter who both died this month were both honored.

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