Living in Columbus as a transgender woman

Full Interview with Destany Sumbry

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A transgender woman in the Chattahoochee Valley facing daily struggles wants residents to know they're humans just like everyone else.

Destany Sumbry has a strong message for everyone, including those who maybe having similar struggles saying it's about being free.

Although she said she won't let bullying affect her anymore, she still faces struggles on a daily basis.

She talked about the time she visited a local club that accepted her money to get in the door, but when she had to use the bathroom it was a different story.

"Security said I could not use the women's' or the men's restrooms. I couldn't use the woman's because I'm not a woman legally, and I don't know why I couldn't use the men's restroom, if I'm not a woman, then what am I?" she said.

Destany said they told her to go outside to use the bathroom.

"I'm wearing a dress for one and isn't that illegal to expose yourself out in public?" she said.

Destany wants laws to change across Georgia to protect those in the LGBT community.

Patricia Lassiter with the Democratic Party of Georgia LGBT Caucus said if we want change, we need to start with a non-discriminatory city ordinance for LGBT issues for gender identity.

"If you have an ordinance that passed that will take that away, that will make sure that other people's perceptions and misconceptions cannot be scrutinized or policed," Lassiter said. said only 16 states and Washington, DC have these types of laws.

Even as a child, Destany said she felt herself playing the role of a boy, and continued for as long as she could. She said it's a challenge and has even faced thoughts of suicide from bullying.

Destany started her transition about two years ago, and said her mother is her biggest supporter.

She had this message to those who may be going through the same feelings and emotions when it comes to their gender identity.

"You are strong, don't let anyone get to you, you'll get over it. Just be strong, at times its going to be really hard and you're going to be depressed," she said.

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