Last minute registration could create big headaches

Last minute registration could create big headaches

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Back to school time is coming up quickly for students across the Valley, with some in Lee County heading back to the classrooms next week, and Muscogee and Russell County kids heading back on Monday, Aug. 10.

While families may have lots of last minute summer activities on their minds, school officials say procrastinating on registering could create some big problems on the first day of school.

Registration is in full swing at the Muscogee County Education Center, as anticipation for the first day of classes builds up.

"For many of our students it's their first days of school," said Phenix City Elementary School Principal Shuvon Ray; and with that first day starting in less than two weeks in Columbus and Phenix City, the time to go through the registration process is now administrators say.

"Anyone who is new to the district, or anyone who has moved since May will need to register," said Valerie Fuller with Muscogee County Public Schools.

Teachers and school administrators are prepping classrooms and sorting out room assignments.

"We are anxiously preparing for our students to arrive for the new school year,"said Ray. 

However, their hard work to have a picture perfect first day back could be jeopardized if parents don't register on time.

"We need our students prepared, and ready for that first day of school," said Fuller, "It's a domino effect." One that could create a mess if parents wait until the last minute, according to administrators.

"We need to know where teachers are placed throughout the summer, so that when school starts on that first day, we have bus routes available, so parents know what the bus routes are. So that teachers know what schools they're assigned to, so it's not just one thing it affects, it affects a whole bunch of things," said Fuller.

In Muscogee County you will need 2 proofs of address, your child's birth certificate, and social security card during registration. Administrators say you can expedite the process by uploading those documents online.

If your child does not need to register, you will still need to verify your address. In Columbus that will be on Aug. 5 at the Muscogee County Public Education Center located on Macon Road.

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