125 men, 2 women move on to swamp phase of Army Ranger School

125 men, 2 women move on to swamp phase of Army Ranger School

FORT BENNING, GA (WTVM) – The current number of U.S. Army Ranger candidates is now down to 127 people who will be going on to the third phase of Ranger School.

The U.S. Army Maneuver Center of Excellence announced 125 men and two women met the standards to complete the Mountain Phase of the Ranger Course on Friday.

The students will now move on to the third phase, the Swamp Phase, at Camp Rudder in Eglin Air Force Base, FL on Aug. 2.

Additionally, 60 men and one woman will be recycled, or given a second attempt at the next Mountain Phase of Ranger School, which starts Saturday, Aug. 8.

"The Ranger students, both male and female, are two-thirds of the way done with Ranger School.  I was very impressed with the students' toughness at leading platoon-size patrols in the North Georgia mountains, during this extremely hot summer. The coastal swamps of Florida will continue to test the students-only the best will be successful and earn the Ranger Tab," said Col. David Fivecoat, commander of the Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade.

The Swamp Phase of Ranger School is 17 days of extended platoon level operations executed in the coastal swamp environment near Valparaiso, FL.  The phase consists of:

Two administrative days where the students are counseled on their performance during the phase.

Students who meet the standards of the Swamp Phase will travel to Fort Benning, Georgia on Aug. 21 to graduate at Victory Pond.

On July 11, 158 men and three women began the demanding training in the mountains around Dahlonega, Georgia.  Highlights of the training included military mountaineering, a knot test, and a 1.8-mile foot march straight up Mount Yonah and platoon level combat patrols.

Of those who joined the Ranger students in the Mountain Phase, six men failed "to meet the challenging standards of the Mountain Phase" and will be dropped from the course.

For a variety of reasons, these students were unsuccessful at meeting the standard.  However, the vast majority who are being dropped from the course were unable to successfully lead a patrol.

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