Columbus man charged with burglary makes court appearance

Man accused of Columbus robbery ring connection appears in court

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A man accused of being involved in a Columbus burglary appeared in court on Tuesday.

Marquez Rutherford, 18, was arrested on July 30 and charged with burglary.

A Columbus detective testified in court that two other robbery suspects, Davontay Richardson and Christian Jones, said Rutherford was a co-conspirator. Richardson and Jones were arrested and charged in connection to a ring of burglaries across Columbus.

Rutherford's description matched a man seen in surveillance video. Police say he implicated himself several times on Facebook and is allegedly gang-affiliated.

He was given a $10,000 bond and his case was sent to Superior court.

"Just because he grew up with the wrong crowd and they are Facebook friends doesn't mean he's connected with them," LaShelle Rutherford, Marquez's mother said. "He's trying to better himself."

LaShelle said at the time of the alleged crime, her son was abiding by his probation and working, and also attempting to continue with his GED classes. She said Marquez was just released from jail from a YDC incident two years ago.

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